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Weightlifting Workshop 24.9 / 25.9.21

Hello guys Happy holiday!  

The weekend is approaching and also the excitement is rising ahead of our workshop which is going to take place really really soon. 
So that we can touch on the personal technical aspect of each participant and to get the most out of this workshop, I would like to get to know you more closely and know where each one stands, both physically and technically.
In order for us to do this I would be happy if each participant would photograph himself performing the following three exercises:

Hang snatch
Power snatch
Aside from the Power Snatch I look forward to seeing you get the pole in full squat (the lowest you can)
There is no need to prove anything, the goal is to see your starting point.
It's okay if the flexibility does not allow for a drop to the end.
One or two repetitions in each video is completely enough.
The weight on the bar should be between 75-85% of your RM1 from Snatch
Be sure to shoot the video
  Diagonally and they will see the whole body and he enters the frame. 
Feel free to send me the videos by email
With the title of the message, leave me your full name and the location of the workshop to which you have registered.
(David Litvinov - CrossFit X)
So that I have enough time to go through everyone's videos I will ask you to send the videos up to two days before the workshop.
If you have any questions about the workshop feel free to comment here in the post and I will answer it soon
See you soon :)


Link to fill out:

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