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Black Grunge



Drop In

Suitable for those who want to get to know us and use our facility or participate in group training once or once a period. Payment is made in advance or at a place convenient to you

גמיש ונוח

60  לאופן ג'ים

60  לאימון קבוצה



The most popular option, gives flexibility and freedom in reaching people who lead an active lifestyle. No additional costs, you can get as many as you want and for which lesson you want (Wod, Weightlifting, Yoga, Gymnastics ...)

לבוא מתי וכמה שבא לכם

מנוי שנתי מתחדש - 350  לחודש

6 חודשים - 380  לחודש

3 חודשים - 410 לחודש

חודש ללא התחייבות - 450

מנוי זוגי שנתי - 630 לחודש



Come for one-on-one personal training tailored to your pace and your unique goals. Strength training, toning, weightlifting, martial arts, gymnastics ... For more details please contact the club

מלוא תשומת הלב

צרו קשר לפרטים נוספים

אימון חד פעמי 200 שקלים

כרטיסיה 10 אימונים אישים 1800 שקלים


Tab 10 entries

Package of 10 entrances at a discounted price. Suitable for those who are already connected to the place but limited due to various constraints to arrive on a regular basis

לחזקים אבל עסוקים



400 לסטודנטים

* תוקף הכרטיסיה 3 חודשים


Private events

Whether a social event or a birthday for a boy / girl, we will tailor a fitness and fun package that is just right for you. For more details please contact the club

חבילת כושר וכיף


Rental for personal trainers

Individual or team coaches? Come and enjoy the services of the place and equipment at the highest level. Power positions, rods, balls, kettles, functional straps, Battle Rope ropes and more and more ... For more details please contact the club

כל הציוד שרק חלמתם עליו

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