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CrossFit Green Beach Netanya - CrossFit Green Beach in Netanya offers a weekly training schedule for every fitness enthusiast. Whether you want to gain muscle mass, get fit, work on the core muscles, learn to walk on your hands or perform  pull-ups. No matter what your goal, we have a workout that is especially right for you. Set yourself the schedule that suits you and come try


Highly technical training that focuses on the world of weightlifting and includes focused work on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk exercises.  

Bursting power key, coordination, coordination and motor control at the highest level



Crossfit training  Which combines a variety of high-pulse exercises and emphasizes the development of cardiopulmonary endurance and muscle endurance.

Rowing Class

Rowing training that focuses on the rowing and working technique  

Correct with the rowing machine  


The training combines dynamic technical and aerobic work



A workout that focuses on bodyweight work. Learning and improving various techniques in the world of gymnastics. Flexibility, durability, work on rings, tension and many other elements ...


 A workout that combines  Maintaining body, strength and flexibility at the highest levels in a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere for maximum connection of body and mind.



Open training where you can come and work on your program

Without group


WOD - Workout Of The Day

Classic crossfit training. Combines all the elements of fitness with an emphasis on proper movement basis and high-pulse work. The training is completely different from day to day,  Consists of a wide range of exercises and modifications to suit all levels, from beginner to advanced trainee  


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