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Located in Netanya within the Green Beach complex (adjacent to the city of Yamim and Poleg Beach), is the unique facility of CrossFit Green Beach. We took the atmosphere of the industrial areas to the parking lots and the noise of the cars and replaced them with green scenery and sea air 24 hours a day. CrossFit Green Beach in Netanya invites you to join the training method that has swept the world!
We will not sell you promises and dreams of changes in a few days. We have no shortcuts. You will be required to sweat, work very hard and push yourself to the edge to get what you want but we will be there with you. Guide, direct, push forward and reach out for help when needed.
We invite you to be healthier, stronger and feel better about yourself than you ever dreamed. We invite you to join the large and powerful fitness community in Israel and around the world.
The club is air-conditioned and professionally designed with an emphasis on the small details and comfort of the trainees, combining outdoor and indoor training, at sea and in the pool and a wide range of training methods. The equipment is modern and of the highest level in the field together with a team of first-class coaches in the country.
Public transportation on site and ample parking for trainees.

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