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Black Grunge

So you've heard enough and are you ready to get started ?

Here are the options available to you


The Basics Workshop is our way of ensuring that your entry into the world of CrossFit will be the most rewarding for you.

We want to be safe  We will give you the most  The tools you need to succeed at our institute while creating a supportive learning environment.

The workshop is designed to help  In gradual progress towards more intense lessons later on.
Everyone who is new to CrossFit must go through a basic workshop where you will get to know the institute, you will learn our working method
  And be exposed to exercises, technique and principles  Basic  In CrossFit. 
Duration of the workshop: one session, two hours.

You will work in small groups, with a close-knit instructor who will teach you proper technique at relatively low loads.



Not used to working in a team and looking for a smoother entry into the world of crossfit?
Come for one-on-one personal training tailored to your pace and your unique goals.
Strength training, toning, weightlifting, martial arts, gymnastics ... You will be exposed to proper technical work at low loads appropriate to your level and you will gain if the confidence to gradually move to group training.

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