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What is CrossFit?

All the components of fitness in one place

A unique, challenging training method  And particularly demanding that within years has become extremely popular and sweeping in the fitness world.

The method, originally intended for training security forces outside the walls of the traditional gym, is suitable for all ages at all levels  And is characterized by variable and intense training that combines many fitness components while performing a wide range of exercises, for example:

Running, Rowing, Rope Jumping, Rope Climbing, Weightlifting, Handstands, Tire Turning  , Kettleblasts, carrying sandbags and lifting power balls, push-ups, tension raises and many more.

With the exception of a number of regular workouts that are an index and are performed once a period, the workouts are not repetitive and in fact every day a new and different workout is written.

Why CrossFit?

- Social  

The training is done in groups, the trainees encourage and push each other for better results and continuous improvement.

A community that leans on each other, keeps in touch and actually forms a kind of social network that motivates you to get up from the couch and exercise and increases the enjoyment of training.

- Focusing on real fitness and not on looks  

Fitness means the ability to perform physical tasks efficiently.

At CrossFit you first come to work hard and get better while learning how to train safely and effectively.

Alongside this, in crossfit training fat burning is particularly high over other methods and also, emphasis can be placed on strength characteristics and bodybuilding while achieving the trainee’s goals is faster and more controlled.

Defeat the impossible

Fitness can be fun. This is the key and starting point in crossfit training.

The techniques are learned in a way  Light, pleasant and clear with the supervision and personal guidance of the coaches - and the results accordingly.

Overcoming the feeling of incompetence is also directly thrown into other areas of life and routine day-to-day tasks. 

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